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Philips Avent SCF563/17 Classic Feeding Bottle 260ml is a milk bottle with airflex ventilation system so when baby drink from this bottle, the valve integrated to the dot to make the incoming air stay in the bottle. Usually when baby use milk bottle feel uncomfortable when drinking. With this valve system will help baby to reduce bloating and belching.

Philips Avent SCF563/17 Classic Feeding Bottle 260ml has a wavy texture on the dot. The function is to prevent the dot deflated when used continuously so it can be used continuously.


Airflex ventilation system can reduce bloating

This system is proven to reduce bloating. When your baby drink, the valve that integrated to the dot will flex so the air goes into the bottle. Keep the air inside the bottle and not to the baby's stomach to reduce bloating, vomiting, belching.

Fussy decrease 60% at night

Philips Avent's Classic+ bottle can reduce fussy from baby. When using Philips Avent's bottle baby fuss will decrease 60% at night than using other anti-bloating bottle.

Easy installation with few components

This bottle only have few components so the installation is quick and simple.

Easy to handle

The unique shape make this bottle easy to handle from all directions.

The design does not leak

This bottle designed not to leak when used.

Have a wide side and rounded corners make it easy to clean

This bottle have a wide side and rounded corners so this easy you to clean thorough and hygienic

Compatible products from breastfeeding tool until glass

Combine breast milk pumping, bottle and glass and other products that fit to you.

Different dot flow level

Philips Avent Classic's bottle circuit has a different dot flow level fit to baby growth.


  • 1 bottle
  • Measure 260ml
  • Slow dot flow
  • Made of free BPA (PP)
  • Specially for 1month+