Fountain Factory Water Table - 642296E3

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This fun kids' water table is loaded with features and ways to play. With interchangeable pipes and fittings the Fountain Factory Water Table will improve your toddler's fine motor skills, sharing skills and their imagination. This dynamic water table for toddlers is just the right height for them and they will play for hours!

This way, that way, which way should the pipes go? Any way your child would like it to, the plumbing pipes can be rearranged and used with multiple faucets.

Key Features:

Kids will use their imagination as they build each section with the pipes
Pipes and fitting can be rearranged many different ways
Water pump sends the water up to the tower
Water can be channeled into any of the 3 fountains
Hold 7 gallons of water (not included)
Includes 3 fun accessories
Assembly Required!

Additional details

Age 2+ years

Assembly required: Yes


Weight(lbs): 10.35

Height(in): 37.50

Width(in): 29.50

Length(in): 29.50