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Soothe irritation and redness with the Mustela Stelatria Purifying Recovery Cream, a targeted treatment for newborns, babies and young children.

Irritations such as chapping, scratches, chicken pox scars, dry patches and skin-fold irritations can make young skin feel very uncomfortable. Created for both the face and the body, this easy to apply cream stimulates cellular renewal and sets to work repairing the skin with a complex of micro-nutrients.


Key Features:

  • Cellular renewal is stimulated and skin repair is accelerated by its complex of micro-nutrients (copper “ zinc “ manganese).
  • The risks of any bacteria spreading are reduced and the skin is purified by copper, zinc and BioEcolia, a patented natural-origin active ingredient which helps maintain the skin™s protective flora.
  • Pulling sensations are reduced , thanks to the soothing properties of glycine.
  • Its long-lasting hydrating formula leaves a protective film on the skin.


Specification Highlights:

  • Brand “ Mustela.
  • Type “ Stelatria Purifying Recovery Cream.
  • Capacity“ 40ml..