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Keeping your baby is feeding bottles absolutely clean is of utmost importance to ensure your baby is health and well being. When you clean your baby is bottle you must ensure that there are not milk remnants, because these can cause the collection of germs in the bottle. Giving your baby a germ-contaminated bottle can cause illnesses like thresh and even more severe illnesses like vomiting and diarrhoea. Using a feeding bottle like the Farlin Top Feeding Bottle – Medium can ensure optimum hygiene for your baby because this bottle has a very smooth inner surface that has been designed to prevent the bottle from retaining milk remnants and dust particles. This feature makes the bottle easy to clean and ensures that your baby is safe from germs and illness. The Top Feeding Bottle from Farlin is made from high grade polycarbonate plastic and comes with a nipple. The T-3 sucker stretch feature allows your baby suck comfortably and also reduces the amount of air ingested by the baby, thereby reducing the chances of colic. The unbreakable Farlin Top Feeding Bottle is dishwasher safe and can be boiled and sterilized for better hygiene.