Farlin Feeding Bottle Glass/40Z - TOP-808


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Farlin TOP-808G Feeding Bottle Glass 40Z is feeding bottle with wide neck.Narrower waist in it fits more securely in hands.The bottles are color-fully designed. Farlin Feeding Bottle is specially designed to meet feeding needs of your little one. Silicone nipple in orthodontic shape ensures correct placement in baby's mouth and encourage healthy oral exercise. Moms around the world want their new-born to steal the spotlight like celebrity babies. You can make your toddlers little stars by enhancing their sheer cuteness. Your babies can become fashion icon at such a tender age with stylish and safe accessories from Farlin.


  • Suitable for wide age & baby use.
  • Nipple teat can stretch & contract.
  • Width neck bottle is easy to wash & easy to load powder milk.
  • Two fur-preventing devices on Nipple surface, reduces the fur on the tongue.
  • Angled shape bottle easily controls fluid to avoid choking & also helps to decreases raising baby's head angle.
  • This glass feeding bottle is Boro-Silicate made safe and hygienic one from Germany, worth non-toxic and boilable.
  • High temperature shock resistance special glass (best safety results).
  • Farlin Heat Resistant Glass Feeder is free from deformation.
  • Neutral in smell, so remains less milk smell after use. Smooth surface, to avoid germs stock on it.
  • Bottle neck has smooth inner surface makes it easier to clean & it will not retain milk or dust.
  • High quality duarable silicon nipple included.
  • Best liability for use in hospitals (best hygiene results).