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TT 447017 

Features and Benefits
  • Specially designed to helps your little one develop grown _up drinking skills
  • Super soft straw makes drinking easy and is gentle on gums
  • Straw flips down between sips to stay clean and stop spills
  • Curved easy grip sides on the cup base are perfectly designed to help little hands grip bottles safely and securely
  • All tommee tippee cups are BPA free
-230ml TRAINING STRAW BEAKER (PINK-GREY) is available to buy in increments of 1

When you’re out and about the non­-spill valve prevents unwanted spills, and the big handles make it really easy to hold on to ­even one handed! At home, when a few dribbles don’t matter, it’s easy to remove the handles and non-­spill valve so they can hold the cup and practise free flow drinking, which can help their oral development. The soft spout on this cup is smooth and gentle on gums, even during periods of teething, and we’re also smooth and gentle on you: all our cups are dishwasher safe if placed on the top shelf and can be steam sterilized. We have replaced the one-piece valve with the original 2-piece valve, which can be taken apart and cleaned easily. Suitable from 6m+ and available with spout or straw tops.